Meet KLM CareE™


KLM is well known as a caring and innovative brand in Europe, but not in the US, where they operate from Delta gates. So they challenged us to boost KLM’s brand awareness and presence in US airports, while showcasing their core values.


KLM Care-E. A self-driving luggage trolley with a motherboard of gold.


A Self Driving Trolley

Care-E is created to scan your boarding pass and guide you to any point of interest at the airport. If you decide to wander, it can go into follow mode and shadow you while carrying your luggage. It alerts you on any flight changes and will lead you to the gate when it’s time to board.

Unique Caring Character

What makes Care-E truly special is its caring personality. We designed it as a cute and approachable character and developed a deep communication system consisting of hundreds of moods and expression that give Care-e a near limitless possibility to express itself. The combination of facial expressions, voice and physical movement made it so that it could clearly communicate with passengers whatever situation they found themselves in.

Future Proof

Care-e is future proof and packed with microcontrollers, lidars, cameras, voice control and digital compasses, some of which we’re not even using yet, but which make it easy for us to implement improvements.



Care-E was celebrated by major tech, travel and culture outlets,
generating over $50M of free media - increasing KLM’s awareness by
9% and it’s reputation in the US by 26%.

This adorable robot wants to make
air travel less stressful

The Verge

A New Care-E Robot Will
Carry (Get It?)
Your Bags at the Airport

CT Grey

Care-E uses a variety of familiar nonverbal
sounds to interact with travelers


7 billion+

Media Impressions


Increased Awareness


Increased Reputation